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A photo session from

Our constant sponsor has celebrated the System Administrator’s day by publishing a photo session with administrators who are responsible for the stable operation of the bynet.


Wikidata:WikiProject Map of Tomorrow (Mapa)/Hackathon

Opensource hackathon gathers international community to code for Belarus.


Call for participation: LVEE 2019

The 15th international conference for FOSS developers and users, the Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe, will take place on 22—25 August 2019 near Minsk.

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October meeting

Local Open Source Meeting will take place on October 29 near Minsk.

The event will offer an offline place for free software enthusiasts and professionals to meet at least one time per season and exchange ideas in a friendly informal setting.

The conference format includes oral presentations and lightning talks, round table and panel discussions, workshops, and hacking sprints.

This time the place for the event is The “Old Minsk” estate-museum, which provides a cultural environment, a place to stay, meals and a conference hall with all necessary accessories.

The event will being at 11:00, Minsk time* (which is UTC+3, i.e. same as 12:15 UTC).
Details are currently discussed in the matrix chat(matrix chat and telegram group.

2022 Autumn Local Open Source meeting (as all other LVEE events) is organized by the Minsk Linux Users Group with the help of the active members of the open source community from around the country.

The presentation topics are normally focused on the design, development, and maintenance of free software, adoption and administration of FOSS-based solutions, making business based on open technologies, licensing, legal and policy issues. The conference covers a wide range of platforms, from workstations and servers to embedded systems and mobile devices.

Participation subscribtion is needed to take part in the event: in your personal profile (Participants > Personal profile) click the “Local Open Source meeting” button.

LVEE events would not be possible without the generous help of our sponsors.

If you are interested in sponsoring our conference, send us an email at or see our contact page for more information.

By participating in LVEE companies are obtaining an exclusive opportunity to work directly with the audience, formed by most active developers and users of free / open source software.