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Call for participation: LVEE 2019

The 15th international conference for FOSS developers and users, the Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe, will take place on 22—25 August 2019 near Minsk.

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About the conference

The online lightning session of the international conference for free and open source software developers and users, the Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe, will take place on 18 December 2021. The event offers a place for free software enthusiasts and professionals to meet and exchange ideas in a friendly informal setting at the biggest FOSS event in Belarus.

The conference will being at 15:15, Minsk time (which is UTC+3, i.e. same as 12:15 UTC). The conference will use Jitsi Meet platform, so any contemporary web browser will be enough to participate. The link to join the conference is

List of talks (updated in real time):

talk speaker
TOML (Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language) was created with a goal to give people a configuration file format that would be fully specified, easy to implement, and user-friendly. In this talk, we'll examine whether it actually succeeded at that. The TOML ecosystem and its issues Daniil Baturin
Tomsk, Russian Federation
Privacy has been and continues to be severely damaged and constantly pushed back. Just as the Fukushima nuclear meltdown brought about a decisive shift in energy policy, the painful merging of the analog and digital worlds and the tech giants' show of force in the wake of the Corona crisis may encourage the establishment of bipartisan privacy-friendly policies. Добро пожаловать в Матрицу! Gustav Wall
Oldenburg(Oldb), Germany
ОС Embox и опыте её запуска на Эльбрусе Anton Bondarev
Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
libnata — high performance associative array (uint64/32_t → uint64_t) with low memory usage Aleksey Cheusov
Green8ic is just like "Kubernetes" intentionally contains an "8" like #K8s -abbreviation, since there are content links between Kubernetes and Green8ic, a portmanteau. Pronunciation Green8ic [ɡɹiːnˈeːtɪk] - meaning green ethics in the context of IT. In terms of content in the abstract, this refers to sustainable environmentally friendly IT. "Green8ic" is, however, intentionally chosen distinctive designation for a specific technical solution approach. Green8ic for sustainable sovereign IT Gustav Wall
Oldenburg(Oldb), Germany

Next is the lightning talks session. Pre-registration of lightning talks is not required.

LVEE is organized by the Minsk Linux Users Group with the help of the active members of the open source community from around the country. The official languages of the conference are Russian, Belarusian and English; presentations can be in any of these languages.

16th December is the deadline for the registration and abstracts submission.

The conference format includes oral presentations and lightning talks.

The presentation materials of LVEE will be published in two steps. The abstracts, if present, will be put online before the conference, with multimedia materials (slides and video of presentations) following later on.

The presentation topics are normally focused on the design, development, and maintenance of free software, adoption and administration of FOSS-based solutions, making business based on open technologies, licensing, legal and policy issues. The conference covers a wide range of platforms, from workstations and servers to embedded systems and mobile devices.

Participation in LVEE 2021 Online Edition is free.

See the About page for more details.