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Wikidata:WikiProject Map of Tomorrow (Mapa)/Hackathon

July 26, 2019 10:30

Opensource hackathon gathers international community to code for Belarus.

Falanster team, Open Source Activists from Germany the and the hold the event to develop a project Map of Tomorrow during the August week (11-18.08.2019) in Minsk (Belarus)

Map of Tomorrow (Mapa) is a opensource and user content generated web app where, on the one hand, users can observe a location and information about different civil initiatives. And on the other hand, many limitless numbers of editors and activists can update the information about civil initiatives. Any users (without registration based on wiki principle) can use different filters for choosing the specific field of their interest and geography, change and rate the information on the Map fluently. The solution uses opensource prototype Goodmap.


Development of new features (add events, geo-subscription, Belarusian localisation, rating system, and launch the MVP for public! (Backlog)
We also want to add more integration Mapa with other web-seriveces like Wikidata, Wikipedia, Openstreetmap, creating API, comprehensive export/import function for future federation of free and open services.

Whom we look for
People who know the following technologies or studying its: JavaScript, npm, node.js, react, redux, leaflet, superagent, pure css, Rust, SQLite.

Hackers with Wikidata or Openstreetmap skills, UX-designer and data science specialist can be very useful for the Hackathon as well. Selection process
1. fill out an application;
2. make task test;
3. face-to-face or chat interview.

Selection criteria

  • Motivation to code on the projects before as well as after the Hackathon.
  • Readiness to work during the week (11-18.08.2019).
  • Wish to hear feedback.
  • To share values like transparency and mutual help.

What participation gives you

  • Unique experience of collaboration in the international team.
  • Improvement of knowledge around above-mentioned technologies.
  • Learn by doing the opensource community principles and approached in work.

Venue and logistics

  • Around 100 km from Minsk
  • For participants we organise transfer, accommodation and regular meal.

Working language

  • English
  • We are friendly for any who needs an assistance in translation.

Social activities
All non-tech activities depend on attendee initiatives. Be ready to provide them in the application form or correspondence with us.

Are you ready to participate in OPEN SOURCE HACKATHON?

Let’s fill out an application!

Author: Irina Kharkevich

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