International conference of developers
and users of free / open source software


Local Linux Users Groups (LUGs) proveid support of GNU/Linux operation system and appropriate infrastructure of software to the inhabitance of their regions. Thre are also other such organizations, like FreeBSD users groups, but they have much less occurrence, and often LUGs are including any UNIX-like OSes into their spheres of interests.

LUG is non-commercial informal community of users, based on openness and mutual help principles. At the time prior to wide business adoption of GNU/Linux, LUGs have played extremely active role and often they were the most effective way to get advice or fresh version of needed distribution. Today target audience of LUGs steel are hobbyist users of free / open source software, as far as self-training oriented professionals.

Substantial part of LUG participants’ communication takes place in maillists and forums, and also in IRC-chats. Besides, there are periodical meetings of the group members (for example, annual or monthly ones), aimed on advancement of free software.

Here LUGs of countries, most actively represented on LVEE are listed. We also are asking representatives of LUGs not in list for some reason, to send contact information by any of proposed ways. Don’t forget also that your LUG can be registered in international catalogue at