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In 2011 we have for the first time published a registered printed book “Open technologies” containing Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe materials & abstracts, as far as interviews with some conference participants, taken as after LVEE 2010, so just before LVEE 2011.

Our final report on the event

We have got following publications on the Conference results:

Our sponsors have also shared their impressions on their web resourses:,, Altoros Development,

Detailed reviews from bloggers can be seen at and

As in previous years, news about the conference programme and registration beginning have been placed on a lot of popular news sites, including:,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Special issue of Setevye Resheniya (No 3, 2009), published befrore the Conference, contains abstracts, planned to be presented at LVEE 2009, as far as set of thematic interviews with widely known Open Source and Belarusian IT-community members, who have claimed themselves to participate.

We have got following publications on the Conference results:

At the Conference opening there were partner publications at,,, and also an interview at Radio Ratsia.

The registration deadline was mentioned in partner publications at,,,, articles in Kompyuternaya gazeta,,, linewb,, and an article in Linux-Magazine.

First announce was found at, BelTA, Komputernaya Gazeta,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Linux today, LDN – Linux Developers Network,,, openmoko community events,,,,,,, Your Style


СР 2008

Special issue of Setevye Resheniya (Network Solutions) magazine is totally on LVEE 2008 (Issue 6, 2007). Readers can find there the Conference abstracts, as far as selected reports and interviews of LVEE 2007 which were not published earlier.

There were also an LVEE press-secretary interview to the portal.

The history have also brought to us following links:


СР 2007

Setevye Resheniya have published the special edition totally devoted to LVEE (Issue 6, 2007). One can find there information on the meeting, learn its history, read interviews with organizers and sponsors of the conference, see chosen digests for three years the conference was carried out.

An introductory article in “Setevye Resheniya” should be especially mentioned.

Also following links can be found: