International conference of developers
and users of free / open source software


Along with the spirit and principles of free / open source software, LVEE is organized on the volunteer basis.

It would be much harder to prepare LVEE and organizers would do much less without the help of following people:


Translations of the website and information materials (press-releases, publications in foreign media, Wikipedia articles, etc.):

  • Andrew Shadura – Belarusian and Slovak;
  • Sergei Riaguzov – Polish;
  • Wad Mashckoff – Ukrainian;
  • Dániel Nagy – Hungarian;
  • Mykolas Okulič-Kazarinas – Lithuanian.

Abstracts review

Abstracts review and selection is mostly done by Mykola Marzhan, Andrew Shadura и Denis Pynkin.


Following people took part in distributing information messages:

  • Сергей Соколов
  • Александр Шут
  • Wad Mashckoff
  • Mikhail Volchek

Past years

Previous years messages delivery was done by:

  • Dmitriy Spodarets
  • Alexander Reshetov
  • Victar Siarheychyk
  • Yuri Pats
  • Arseniy Sluchevskiy
  • Ihar Hrachyshka
  • Ivan Semernik
  • Kostya ‘integer’ Sha

Active content translators:

  • Ihar Hrachyshka
  • Marina Agibalova
  • Vladimir Korenkov

Alexander V. Reshetov carried out fast and high-quality online versions of LVEE 2010 abstracts.