International conference of developers
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Summarizing the results of LVEE-2011

July 06, 2011 23:25

The Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe conference took place last weekend near Grodno.

Touring camp near Grodno gathered about one hundred seventy users and developers of free/open software from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Lithuania and Estonia. More than 30 presentations covered a wide range of topics concerning FOSS. A lot of attention was payed this year to high-load systems – from implementing and using auto-scaling farms and GRID-nets to specifics of their monitoring. Of course, software development wasn’t missed too, and socio-economic aspects were covered by presentations on digital money approaches, building business on the free/open technologies and the community, as far as the new role of free production of information. The number of presentations with live demos also have increased, including Linux-based media-centers and RAW images processing, and the presentation on contemporary FOSS tools to create digital music and their interconnection with hardware was followed by an improvised concert by demands of the audience. Tradition of lightning talks was also continued this year.

Participants took active part in open discussion on new trends in *nix GUI. A detailed overview of changes in newest graphical shells was made. Audience payed a lot of attention to extendability and features exchange between desktop environments.

By decision of the audience the best presentation is one of Oleg Boytsev «Carrying out software protection from DDoS-attacks». The author received a memorable prize from the organizational committee and a sponsor prize from the Promwad company (which was an Android-running tabled). Also a memorable prize from the SaM Solutions company was handed to Ivan Kuten’ for his presentation on developing and using plug-computers.

Book of proceedings published before the conference includes both abstracts and previously taken interviews with participants. Abstracts and presentations are also accessible on the official site of the conference,, in «Presentations» section. Videos of presentations, recorded due to, the partner of LVEE 2011, are to follow soon.

The Conference was supported by such companies as SaM Solutions, Promwad, EPAM Systems,, Altoros Development, Anakreon, Ciklum, The Internet connection was provided by MTS mobile network operator, and Wi-Fi coverage of the conference place was provided by the ePoint Systems company.

Informational and technical partners of the conference are Linux Magazine, Root@UA, IT Business Week magazines, and, IT-Event.Ru,, RABOTA.TUT.BY, mega-admin,, sCommunityBY,, ePointSystem, portals and projects.

Author: Dmitriy Kostiuk

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