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March 21, 2009 21:19

Today we have news on renewed information web-platform, as far as on the Conference schedule and organizational work. Please refer to a full text for details.

Renewed information platform

In the new website version, accessible from now at its official web-address, some capabilities were added, useful as for participants so for organizers of the Conference. Particularly, filling and translating content have become much simpler now. Russian and English versions are fully actualized, and Belarusian one is in its filling stage. Volunteers are greeted (and necessary!) as we would like to add at least Ukrainian translation in the near future; it would be fine also to make Lithuanian and possibly Polish versions.

Previous site version is accessible at the address, as far as on our experimental workplace, which have caused recently an agiotaje, been detected by community members as suspicious “underground LVEE project from the dark side”.

We are also glad to present our technical sponsor, a ‘Local networks’ telecommunications company that provides now a hosting to the Conference web-site.

To participants’ fair attention

In its new quality is primordially aimed to exist during at least several conferences. Therefore registered user is faced to his/her personal profile and is proposed to subscribe to those conferences (or other arrangements), registration to which is opened at this moment. For today there is only one such arrangement, namely LVEE 2009.

Registered users should not forget to activate their account by clicking the e-mailed link!

About the Conference schedule

The date of June 18-21 was preliminary chosen. The choice was substantiated by peculiarities of the 2009 year calendar, as far as by discomfort of last days of the month (as we have noted them to cause bad coincidence with office schedule of some participants last year). Unfortunately public maillist was not functioning at the time of discussing this question. Organization board presents its apologies to the community for it (this text is some sort of a report for the time when most participants couldn’t observe our work). We also have to apologize to those subscribers, who had found undesired numerous test messages during the maillist repairing and configuration on the new hosting.

Author: Dmitriy Kostiuk

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