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and users of free / open source software

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September 14, 2011 21:18

10th Ukrainian Conference for Free Software Developers and Users – Kiev, October 1, 2011

Main topic at the conference is development and practical use of free software being the most common denominator for all of the participants of the process — developers, administrators, VARs etc.

Conference team welcomes sponsors to be able to:

  • pay for the reporters’ tickets;
  • aid with the equipment to facilitate the reports;
  • provide some coffee & snack on-site;
  • award and stimulate the most interesting projects.

The main goals of the event are:

  • to publicize the possibilities and benefits of free software use;
  • to present existing projects and their development;
  • to show the global tendencies for migration to free software;
  • to improve the collaboration of users and developers altogether.

One can find out all details, register and/or propose a presentation at the website. Abstracts are welcome up to September, 25.

Author: Dmitriy Kostiuk

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