International conference of developers
and users of free / open source software

Registration fee

The attendance is free of charge, but if you’re staying at the venue, you need to pay a registration fee to cover transport, accommodation, meals and promotional materials.

Conference speakers, representatives of sponsors and members of the press have will their registration fee waived and covered by the conference.

Basic registration

  1. 230 BYN (about €100) for 3 nights
  2. 170 BYN (about €74) for 2 nights
  3. 115 BYN (about €50) for 1 night

If you’re going to set up a tent, discounts apply:

  1. 160 BYN (about €69.50) for 3 nights
  2. 120 BYN (about €52.20) for 2 nights
  3. 80 BYN (about €34.8) for 1 night

Professional registration

This category is intended for those participating in LVEE as representatives of companies and helps to subsidise the cost of the conference for others.

  1. 250 BYN (about €109) for 3 nights
  2. 185 BYN (about €81) for 2 nights

The final amount you’re going to pay is subject to the conversion rates on the day of payment.

For more options and corporate registrations, feel free to contact us at or by phone: +375-29-3179210.