International conference of developers
and users of free / open source software

Payment Variants

There is a common sum for participants – residents and non-residents of Belarus. The sum covers expenses for dwelling and 3-time meal (breakfast, dinder, supper) during all days of a Conference, transport expenses between Grodno and the place of a Conference, as far as additional symbolics and attribution of LVEE. Authors, sponsors representatives and press are free from paying that sum.

Organization fee is about $90 (180 BYN) per person for 4 days. A reduced 3-day form (weekend) of participation is also possible and organization fee is near $65 (130 BYN). Sum in BYR may undergo further corrections to take into account leaps of Belorussian ruble course.

One can freely discuss different participation schedule or ask for more information on paying the organization fee e-mailing to the address or calling by phone, number +375-29-3179210.