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WebCamp 2010

13 красавіка 2010, 09:32

One of our information partners, the [Root@UA]Media group, will carry out 1st Specialized Web-developers Conference in bounds of Odessa FOSS Fest.

More than 100 participants are expected.

WebCamp 2010 is for everybody, from newbies to professionals interested in open web technologies.

The Conference is planned to be in a BarCamp format, so active envolement of participants into the organization process is supposed. Organizers are inviting community members to actively participate: to prepare a presentation, to tell about their own projects, to organize discussion of an interesting question and so on.

The program consists of an official and unofficial parts. Following sections are planned in the official part:

  • open web technologies
  • design and usability
  • search optimization and Internet-marketing
  • lightning talks section.

Weather forecasts are saying about warm and sunny day of May, 1st in Odessa, so rock-climbing sight of the “Odessa” climbing club on the Black sea coast was chosen as a place of the unofficial part of the WebCamp 2010April FOSS Fest. There is a possibility to place tents on its closed territory.

The WebCamp 2010 Conference starts at Aprile, 30 in the Large physical hall of the Odessa National University, open to public.

Unformal part is planned to the second day of a Conference. The territory rent and a picnic would cost from 100 uah for one participant.

One can get more details and make necessary registration on the official websites — http://foss-fest.com/ and http://webcamp.in.ua/.

WebCamp 2010 organizers are also inviting sponsors and media-partners.

Аўтар: Dmitriy Kostiuk

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