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Hacks/Hackers Minsk invites to the meeting of journalists and IT-specialists

23 сакавіка 2015, 06:08

A third Belarusian conference in international format, Hacks/Hackers, will be held April, 3-4 in Minsk.

Perspectives and successful examples of joint creative works by journalists and developers targeted at creating advanced media product popular among users will be discussed along the already established tradition.

This year organization board have taken into account the interest of participants to practical questions, which are most comfortably answered in the master-classes. The second day of the forthcoming meeting, April 4, will be fully dedicated to workshops. Acquiring knowledge would cost money. And the first day of the conference, April 3, will be held in familiar format with presentations, lightning talks, and open discussion. All sections are free of charge, as far as coffee breaks are.

It is possible to watch a presentation about previous conferences, specially prepared to invite participants to the current event.
Preliminary program of Hacks/Hackers Minsk 2015 can be found on the hackshackers.by website, as long as other materials, including archive ones.

It is possible to register there as a participant, to propose the open discussion topic or to apply for making presentation.

It is possible to follow news, get information about frontmen, presentations topics and master classes via the newsletter (on the website) or via the Hacks/Hackers Minsk communities in ВКонтакте or Facebook.
Hacks/Hackers Minsk 2015 is organized by the free/libre media-dedicated software, Sourcefabric (Russian-speaking community), “Computer news” media project, ITS Partner and TUT.BY companies, and the Imaguru business club.

Hacks/Hackers is an international organization created to support journalism. It includes tens of communities and more than thousand of followers on four continents. The organization mission is to create community of journalists («hacks») and IT-specialists («hackers») to re-think future of news and information. Organization has a goal to spread useful knowledge and ideas, and to find out contact points of journalism and IT.

Hacks/Hackers Minsk is the first informal discussion board in this format among CIS countries. It is organized for journalists and IT specialists to share their thoughts, to find cooperation points and to start joint projects.

Аўтар: Dmitriy Kostiuk

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