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LVEE 2014 have taken place

26 жніўня 2014, 19:13

10 International conference “Linux Vacation/Eastern Europe” took place on August 22-24 at its traditional place, “Himik” tourist camp in the Grodno region forests.

The milestone event have gathered about 160 participants – users and developers, novices and pros of the community from Belarus, Ukraine,
Russia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Poland, and Slovakia.

Saturday rain have wet out the participants and partially changed the traditional open air format of talks, but made no influence on the spirit of a conference: free exchange of opinions, ideas, knowledge, informal communication, and basics for the future cooperation.

The conference included 20 talks and 2 workshops, partially combined in a topical units.

Friday evening was dedicated to robotics usage in different aspects of the human life. Among other topics participants have learned about the «Smart GreenHouse» project targeted at controllable plants growth, and about the floating robot developed in Brest State Technical University to monitor water entities and based on free / open source software. Finally there were «Robotics Operation System and the master of vacuum cleaners» workshop, which had slowly turned into free communication and traditional shashlik.

Second day have started with talks, dedicated to free licenses. Minsk «pirates» have announced the creation of the Creative Commons office,
developer Andrew Shadura have told about the freeing of the Kalithea project, while the Moscow initiative representative’s talk was about tricks, allowing temporarily bypass the GPL «virus» limitations in favor of commercial interests. Last talk have predictably caused mixed reaction and hot discussion among the audience.

Topics spectrum of the other part of the conference was rather wide – information security, data processing, different development practices and a lot of others. Abstracts of all talks are accessible online on the conference website, and also included into the printed 200-pages book, which also contains abstracts of the conference winter session, LVEE Winter 2014.

Two traditional lightening talks sections have also took place, allowing anyone to be a speaker, without moderation, but with guaranteed microphone shutdown by the timer signal.

Mass interest was caused by the talk on creating 3D animated film in Blender and several graphic editors. Severe developers watched with excitement on characters gradual coming into life. The conference hall housed the audience because of rain could not fit everybody, and some interested people where watching it through the opened windows.

The final result have caused well-merited applause, and this talk was acknowledged as the best one, and the speaker, Viktoria Babahina, have taken home into Ryazan the memorable prize from the organizers.

The surprise for the anniversary conference participants was a gorgeous cake decorated with a penguin and the LVEE logo, and the festive fireworks.

LVEE 2014 was supported by SaM Solutions, Wargaming.net, myCloud.by, ITS Partner, Conjur.net, EPAM Systems, and hoster.by.

Information partners of this year where the following portals, projects, and organizations: linux.by, Linux Format, Root@UA, it-job.by, IT-Event.Ru, RABOTA.TUT.BY, Computer News, dev.by, sCommunityBY, weblancer.net, it.tut.by, ITmozg, sms-assistent, techlabs.by, itfan.by, ITblog.by, IT-Event,
maxi.by, hashcode, infostart, Frontend Dev Conf, activecloud, techminsk, Belarus ruby on rails user group, ePointSystem, BSUIR.

Аўтар: Dmitriy Kostiuk

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