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Contest of articles by KV.BY

13 красавіка 2013, 21:20

Our information partner KV.by announces the Big Coffee Contest of articles.

Everyone can take part in it from small to big ones. It will last till June, 14, and every month KV.by will choose a winner in following categories:

  • The best technical article;
  • The best analytic article;
  • The best pop-scientific article.

The winners in these categories will achieve a kilogram of high-quality coffee and coffee cezve or hand coffee mill. And after all the main winner will achive the main prize – a coffee machine and Kopi Luwak coffee. The most active participants will also achieve souvenirs from KV.by. Anyone able to read the announcement can take part in a contest.

To take part one has to write an article (in Russian or Belarusian) that will be useful for IT-oriented readers and publish it on KV.by or send to contest@kv.by. Organizers only accept articles which have never been published before.

More information about contest is available here.

Аўтар: Dmitriy Kostiuk

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