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Results of LVEE Winter 2013

18 лютага 2013, 22:50

Winter session of the Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe, an international conference of FOSS developers and users, took place last weekend near Minsk.

More then 150 users and developers of free/open software from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary and Poland have participated the conference in a sport camp near Minsk with more than 20 presentations.

Presentations were grouped in three sections by topic: tools and technologies for software development, networking and system administration, and free licenses and projects.

Several new projects where announced on the conference, including telepathy-skypekit, supplying telepathy framework with full-functional skype support via appropriate sdk, and (simultaneously with announce on news portals) start of regular nightly buils of the Alt Linux distributive for two architectures and nine desktop environments.

Among presentations on free projects open crystallography database should be mentioned, as far as the analysis of free graphic software in noise removing.

Microelectronics on Linux – traditionally popular topic at LVEE – was presented by presentations on practical methods of ARM systems boot speed-up, TDM support in Linux kernel for audio interfaces in portable devices, and also demo ARM stend of SaM Solutions company, which was characterized by participants as cyberpunk art.

As usual, attention was payed to network systems — from distributed file systems and new generation networks to decentralized calculations – and to software development as well, automated code build and testing systems and contemporary web development approaches.

Social direction also was rather active this time: participants have discussed copyright problems in Belarus, listened about reborn Minsk Linux Users Group meetings in totally new format, got information about specifics of teaching Linux in enterprise segment to add necessary knowledge to the university program, and about problems of FLOSS usage in enterprise. Beside that creation of Belarussian Society of Open and Free Technologies was announced, targeted at popularization and advancing of free / libre software and content, as far as open hardware.

The audience has chosen Aleksey Cheusov’s presentation on WRE domain specific language based on generalized regular expressions for computational linguistics. The author has received a memorable prize from the organisational committee and the Beaglebone single board PC as a sponsor prize from"Promwad":http://www.promwad.com.

Abstracts and presentations’ slides soon can be retrieved from the official web site of the conference, http://winter.lvee.org/en/reports/materials_lvee_winter_2013. Video of presentations will also be available soon.

The LVEE Winter 2013 conference was supported by the following companies: SaM Solutions, Promwad, EPAM Systems, Wargaming, а также hoster.by, МТС и empathy.by.

Informational and technical partners of the conference are Sourcefabric company, Computer news newspaper, as far as Linux.BY, IT-JOB.BY, IT-Event.Ru, RABOTA.TUT.BY, sCommunityBY, Weblancer, DEV.by, IT.TUT.BY, itmozg, SMS-ассистент, TECHlabs, itblog.by и ePoint System portals and projects.

Аўтар: Dmitriy Kostiuk

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