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Drupal Rally'12

07 листопада 2012, 17:47

The Drupal Rally’12 will take place on the 15-16th of December in Minsk.

It will gather web-developers, geeks, drupalers, open source activists as well as newbies.

The aim of Drupal Rally remains the same: to create and develop Belarusian drupal community. Drupalers from the whole world are invited too.

Last year, the Rally was more theoretical than practical. This year, organizers want the participants not only to listen, but to be involved as much as possible in the collective creative process.

This time every participator will have a possibility to choose occupation for himself: to translate a module or create a social startup, to prepare a presentation, to discuss topical problems or drupal-trends with colleagues. Or just to learn what Drupal is.

Organizers have a plan to create a website on Drupal, to translate several popular modules into Belarusian language, to help newbies making their first step into the Drupal World, to explain website owners how to improve their projects. During the Rally, participants will discover and share knowledge about web and Drupal.

Working languages are Belarusian and Russian. We will do our best to support English-speaking people too.

All details are on the Drupal Rally website.

Автор: Dmitriy Kostiuk

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