Міжнародна конференція розробників
і користувачів вільного програмного забезпечення


As many other arrangements, oriented to free software, LVEE is organized on the volunteer basis. If you wish to participate in this process, taking on some set of tasks – we would be glad regardless of whether your contribution would be relatively small, or you would like to spend substantial part of your time, doing larger amount of work and thus adjoining to the organization board.

Today organizers list looks like following:

Photo Nadya Sharpio
E-mail: n.sharpio@lvee.org
Cell phone: +375-29-8797416
Role: registration request proceeding, accommodation and transportation plans
Photo Mykola Marzhan
E-mail: m.marzhan@lvee.org
Role: primary reviewing, proof reading, carrying out discussion in the reviewers group
Photo Andrej Shadura
Role: abstracts reviewing
Photo Anastasia Markina
E-mail: a.markina@lvee.org
Role: preparing the conference proceedings book, LaTeX typesetting
Alexandr Dubitsky
E-mail: a.dubitsky@lvee.org
Role: development of the lvee engine, conference web site maintenance
Photo Dmitriy Kostiuk
E-mail: d.kostiuk@lvee.org
Cell phone: +375-29-6366293
Role: conference, abstracts selection
Galina Balashkova
E-mail: g.balashkova@lvee.org
Cell phone: +375-25-6279508
Role: website content management
Photo Yevgeny Cherevan
E-mail: y.cherevan@lvee.org
Role: all hardware on the conference
Photo Victor Kraev
E-mail: v.kraev@lvee.org
Role: all hardware on the conference
Photo Pavel Chebotarev
E-mail: p.chebotarev@lvee.org
Cell phone: +375-29-3179210
Role: financing, communication with sponsors, transportation, content filling of the site
Photo Sergey Polazhenko
E-mail: s.polazhenko@lvee.org
Моб.тел.: +375-29-1214214
Role: Financing
Photo Sergey Morozik
E-mail: s.morozik@lvee.org
Role: communication with sponsors, supplies and logistic, informal cultural program, sponsor representative

Emeritus organisers

Photo Dmitriy Borodaenko
E-mail: d.borodaenko@lvee.org
Role: Founding member (2004). LVEE 2005 & LVEE 2006 coordination
Photo Vlad Shakhov
E-mail: v.shakhov@lvee.org
Role: Founding member (2004). LVEE 2007 coordinator, 2005-2008 organizational board, 2008-2013 – speaker, consultant, sponsor representive
Photo Alex Borovsky
E-mail: a.borovsky@lvee.org
Role: conference website development and maintenance
Max Grigorev aka fwd
E-mail: fwd@lvee.org
Role: Founding member (2004). Active organization board participant (2005-2006).
Виталий Хилько aka dojlid
E-mail: dojlid@lvee.org
Role: Founding member (2004). Active organizational board participant (2005-2006).
Photo Sasha Godina
E-mail: a.godina@lvee.org
Role: registration request proceeding, accommodation and transportation plans
Photo Alexander Reshetov
E-mail: a.reshetov@lvee.org
Role: registration request proceeding, accommodation and transportation plans