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Results of LVEE 2012

13 червня 2012, 11:25

The Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe conference took place at June 07-10 near Grodno.

Touring camp near Grodno attracted this year about one hundred fifty users and developers of free/open software from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia and Azerbaijan. 25 presentations covered a wide range of topics concerning FOSS.

Embedded solutions where also actively presented in development of the software and hardware for specialized and generic devices. In software development there was interest gain for the Erlang and Erlang-based solutions, and some specifics of using Ruby in the embedded devices. Research presentations grouped in a separate section, dedicated mainly to parallel computing, code analysis and physical modeling problems. System administration presentations where targeted to high-availability and high-load systems, and cloud computing. Special attention was payed this year to distribution-build systems – from SUSE-originated Open Build Service to new meta-distribution features of the upcoming ALTLinux 7th platform.

The number of presentations where dedicated to creativity tools, showing growth of non-geek interests in FLOSS community, including tools to work with high-depth color images, tools for electronic publications and professional-grade 2D painting software. Cultural program included ethnic drums show, sponsored by EPAM Systems company. Tradition of lightning talks was also continued this year with usual success.

By decision of the audience the best presentation is one of Lukasz Swierczewski «International system of nuclear gamma-ray detection using dedicated hardware sensors – Radioactive@Home project». The author received a memorable prize from the organizational committee and a plug-computer as a sponsor prize from the Promwad company. Also memorable prizes where handed to Mykola Marzhan for the best lightning talk and to Viktoria Vozhzhova for the evening master-class of 2D painting.

Book of proceedings published before the conference includes abstracts of LVEE 2012 and the conference winter session LVEE Winter 2012, which was held for the first time this February. Along with the tradition, a new portion of interviews with participants also was included in the book. Abstracts and presentations are also accessible on the official site of the conference, lvee.org, in «Presentations» section. Videos of presentations, recorded due to it-job.by, the partner of LVEE 2012, are to follow soon.

The Conference was supported by such companies as SaM Solutions, Promwad, EPAM Systems, Wargaming.net, hoster.by, while high-speed Internet connection was provided by MTS mobile network operator.

Informational and technical partners of the conference are linux.by, Root@UA, it-job.by, IT-Event.Ru, usability.by, RABOTA.TUT.BY, mega-admin, kompyuternie vesti,dev.by, sCommunityBY, weblancer.net, it.tut.by, ukrdev.net, sms-assistent, techlabs.by, itfan.by, ePointSystem, PBXWare.ru portals and projects.

Автор: Dmitriy Kostiuk

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