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Seminar in TIBO-2012

20 квітня 2012, 18:44

A “Free/libre software and GNU/Linux platform” seminar will take place on April, 27 at 12:00.

The seminar is included into the TIBO 2012 International exhibition and congress program.

The place: Football Manege, Pobediteley ave., 20/2, conference hall No. 2

Everybody is invited to take part.

The plan:

1 Market share of the free / libre software
Specifics of collecting statistical data about the FLOSS usage.
FLOSS share in web servers segment. Web browser usage. FOSS-based mobile platforms. The spread of free desktop systems. World-wide data and regional specifics. FLOSS elements in proprietary systems.

2 Features of free licenses
Brief history and classification of FLOSS licenses, copyleft and non-copyleft. Most known examples (GPL, BSD).
Free / libre content licensing (the Creative Commons example).

3 FLOSS in Belarusian higher educational institutions
FLOSS usage in a high school: software supporting the academic process; one studied in academic and laboratory courses; tools for preparing and formatting term papers. FLOSS distribution along with the university profile and studied subjects. Typical examples.

4 Geoinformation systems and user-created mapping
Free GIS projects review. Collaborative creation of the geographical content in OpenStreetMap project: organization principles, client software for desktop and mobile systems. Free GIS as a full-feature substitution for the proprietary ones.

Автор: Dmitriy Kostiuk

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