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Seminar for beginners in Ruby development

12 липня 2011, 15:56

A Ruby on Rails development meeting and seminar will take place in Minsk at July 14, 2011.

The meeting is organized by one of LVEE 2011 sponsors, Altoros Development company. All web-developers are welcome, who would like to get acquaintance with Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

We are glad to notice, that interest to free / open source software and particularly to Ruby on Rails platform in growing in Belarus, and therefore market demand for this technology also increases.

Meanwhile, Ruby on Rails is the basis of the LVEE Engine — a free / open source web engine, developed in the LVEE community and used now by three international FOSS conferences.

Due to growing demand for Ruby specialists, Altoros Development provides Ruby on Rails training in Minsk, with registration opened till August, 1st. Candidates with experience in web-development are welcome as well as Rails-enthusiasts, studying this technology by themselves. The training course is a short-period one (lasting for 2 month) and is free of charge.

Beside getting acquaintance with the platform and discussing the «Ruby on Rails magic», the July 14 meeting gives visitors an opportunity to communicate with teachers of the training course and to get more information about the planned program.

To take part in the event, one has to send request to training@altoros.com.
More details, including short description of the platform specifics, training course topics and information about the teachers, are accessible at altoros.com/ror_training.html .

Автор: Dmitriy Kostiuk

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