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TYPO3Camp meeting

12 листопада 2009, 11:41

ameria GmbH company organizes a TYPO3Camp devoted to TYPO3 open source CMS/CMF. Venue for the event is Kiev, Ukraine. Estimated time of the event is the middle of December.

TYPO3Camp is the first event of this kind in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

All persons interested to share their knowledge, to communicate, to expand the circle of acquaintance, to be inspired by the atmosphere of the event and the opensource idea are invited. Organizers would like to see not only experienced TYPO3 developers but also ones who are interested in web-development, beginners and those who are just interested in listening reports because one of the purposes of this event is the popularization of TYPO3 among the web-developers in the Eastern Europe.

Автор: Dmitriy Kostiuk

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