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OSSConf 2013 Conference

22 травня 2013, 14:16

OSSConf 2013 conference which will take place in Žilina, Slovakia, from Sunday, 2nd July to Tuesday, 4th July 2013.

The conference is dedicated to free software in education, research and IT solutions. It’s fifth time organised by Slovak Society for Open Information Technologies and Faculty of Management and Informatics of University of Žilina, and attracts free software professionals and enthusiasts from both Slovakia and Czech Republic.

The conference traditionally includes the following specialised sections:

  • Free and open software in science and research
  • OpenGIS — free software in geographic information systems
  • TEX and friends
  • OSS in education and IT solutions

Also, traditionally, the SOIT and Liberix prize for the best student’s FOSS-related work is awarded at the conference.

The deadline for papers submission is Monday, 3rd June 2013. The deadline for lightning talks is Wednesday, 5th June 2013.

This year, a trip to Stará Bystrica is also planned after the formal part of the conference.

If you intend to attend OSSConf 2013, you need to register at the website of the conference, ossconf.soit.sk.

The principal sponsors of the conference are Slovak Society for Informatics and Red Hat.

Автор: Andrej Shadura

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