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Materials of the LVEE Winter 2018

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Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2018 is starting up, accepted organizations will be announced soon and students will start their endeavors. The author aims to help them explaining typical student application mistakes and workflow issues, as well as discuss mentoring problems. GSoC from mentor’s point of view Andrew Savchenko
Russian Federation, Moscow
Quite often there is a situation where the user needs to translate information from the graphical representation to the text. This includes both scanning documents and simply recognizing textual information from photos. In the course of the report you will get acquainted with the open means for text recognition, image processing and received textion mistakes and workflow issues, as well as discuss mentoring problems. OCR с помощью OpenSource средств Александр Зайцев
Минск, Belarus
To share my experience using single board computers as home servers Evolution from 1 rpi mediaserver to multiple servers with own functions Adding VPN to access from anywhere and phone Solving power supply issues Software involved: - openelec/xbmc - node-red (smart home) - transmission - telegram bot - tinc VPN -- Hardware - EspEasy firmware for esp8266 - arduino - esp8266 - xiaomi gateway, sensors, other devices - mikrotik router, Unifi AP - different sensors Как уместить умный дом, медиасервер, NAS на одной доске Alexander Sorokin
Минск, Belarus
.NET Core platform is a cross-platform analogue of .NET Framework on a base class library (BCL) level. It implements the .NET Standard 2.0 specification. This report is a review of development tools, development environment options and methods of creating graphical interfaces that are aimed at creating cross-platform user applications. Платформа .NET Core 2.0 в Linux: миграция, разработка, графический интерфейс Виталий Липатов
Russian Federation, St. Petersburg
We learned to install our OS onto Elbrus systems in an almost user-friendly manner, not only to just boot it, over this year. Quite a feat given that ALT is the third known operating system to run on e2k! Альт на Эльбрусе: путь к дистрибутиву Михаил Шигорин
Russian Federation, Москва
Moscow State University CMC department basic course «Computer Architecture and Assembly Language» has two official implementations: one pretty outdated (16bit based) and one too complex (x86_64 based). In pursuit of simplicity, actuality and practical support we have developed, approved and used a course based on MIPS32 architecture using MARS simulator as practice platform, along with semi-authomatic homework verification. Although successful, this approach opened a list of technological challenges, like to implement some modern features in simulator or develop an illustrative tool showing that features at real hardware Инструментальная поддержка преподавания дисциплины «Архитектура ЭВМ и язык ассемблера» на ВМК МГУ George Kouryachy
Russian Federation, Moscow
Sustainability of Open Source projects is a theme after Heartbleed attack Anatoli Babenia
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, Minsk
nbase – NetBSD userlevel portable to other UNIX-like systems Aleksey Cheusov
Belarus, Minsk
Apertis is a Debian-derived platform for infotainment in automotive vehicles. Being a Debian derivative, Apertis doesn’t use typical Debian infrastructure software, so a infrastructure to build it had to be created using Jenkins, Open Build Service and other tools to provide continuous integration and package and image builds. Having managed the build infrastructure of Apertis for some time, I’m going to share my experience about the challenges of working on it, and how we solve issues we are confronted with. Managing build infrastructure of a Debian derivative Andrej Shadura
Slovakia, Bratislava
Debos is a tool to make creation of various debian based os "images" simpler. While most other tools focus on specific use-case, debos is more meant as a toolchain to make comon actions trivial while providing enough rope to do whatever tweaking that might be required behind the scene. Debos — еще одна утилита для создания ОС Denis Pynkin
Minsk, Belarus
Reproducible builds are important for various reasons, security among them. This talk explains what is done to check whether package build is reproducible in ALT Linux Team Build Infrastructure. Воспроизводимая сборка пакетов в сборочной инфраструктуре ALT Linux Владимир Селезнев
Russian Federation, Москва
This article describes the available methods for image processing using a complex biometric iris recognition system, OpenCV open source computer vision and machine learning software library and the Qt cross-platform. The author proposes the solution of using of a smartphone camera instead of an expensive monochrome camera. This article contains short description of Iris recognition system and biometric authentication based on this algorithm. Сколько стоит надежность? биометрическая идентификация iris с применением OpenCV и смартфона Irina Kharkevich
Gomel, Belarus
We provide brief overview and comparison of three open-source speech-recognition systems: CMUSphinx, Kaldi, DeepSpeech. Системы распознавания речи с открытым исходным кодом Даниил Бойко
Minsk, Belarus
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