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The program of LVEE 2010 is ready

14 Czerwiec 2010, 00:46

Reception and processing of applications for participation in the conference Linux Vacation Eastern Europe 2010 comes to the end.

By the current moment on the site http://lvee.org more than 150 people are registered as listeners and lecturers of LVEE 2010.

Within three days participants will have a possibility to listen and discuss about thirty reports grouped in the following blocks: “Means and technologies of software development”, “Built in and portable systems”, “System administration and network infrastructure”, “Free licences and projects”. In addition to traditionally widely presented LVEE topics – development and administration of free software and various devices working under OS Linux, – there is an increasing number of reports on social subjects, one part of them is included in the corresponding block, and the other one is brought for discussion within the limits of a thematic round table and video-viewing. The growth of the Mass media interest to participation in the conference is noted as well.

The event is supported by such IT companies as SaM Solutions, Promwad, EPAM Systems and Local Networks. Informational partners of the conference are the IT Bel magazine, Belarusian portals it-job.by and open.by, magazines Linux Magazine, Root@UA, IT Business Week, the web-projects IT-Event.Ru and usability.by.

The preliminary program of the conference is available on the conference site.

Autor: Dmitriy Kostiuk

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